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Muito interesante, free and good!


Free and nice app. Work well. Its ok.

careful - ads have taken over the app

Please mention that it contains a rather annoying ad. The screenshots in the app store dont show the ad.

Needs Improvement

This would be a decent free example of 3D Capability of the iPhone/Touch if it was more polished. Good -Very smooth -Great lighting effects -Free Bad -Textures are very poor quality -Controls are somewhat finnicky -Limited to only right and left pan. No zooming or moving -Weird view since its not centred on the Earth.

Potentially has Potential

Its cool in concept, but the interaction is very limited. You can stop the spin briefly, but cant stop it completely. The graphics are decent, but the atmosphere is a bit too strong. Once you take a look for a few min, there us little reason to use it again, except to show off the capability. Im sure more could be added to make it more useful, but since its free, its worth looking at.

Pretty cool!

Very cool little app , seems like a great foundation for a larger game perhaps? You CAN stop the camera movement. Just tap with two fingers! Found it by accident and took a while to figure out how it happened. ;)

Dont bother

Waste of time

Earth 3D

Very nice...

Good but could be better

Looks cool but theres no overhead view and you cant actually stop the earth from moving only just slow it down

What is the point?

Waste of time, beside looking at good graphics!

Great for a Screensaver

I suppose its decent considering the early stages of the 3D-era for iPhones and iPod touches. Not the greatest graphics or textures, the atmosphere is too thick (looks unrealistic) and the sunlight passing through the atmosphere is a bit exaggerated. Despite people saying you can stop rotation, you cant. Its merely just a still camera view while only Earth is still rotating. But hey, its free and makes a good screensaver while your iPod or iPhone is charging in its dock.

Thanks for this great app!

Its a great app. Love to just see the world go round!

Fun to show off with. Apps icon needs work.

My kid likes it.


looks cool but is kind of useless...

Fantastic app.

It makes a fantastic quick reference tool for the global caller. See where the sun is or isnt at any given time.


This app is headed in the right direction. Keep working on it with more features. I will reinstall it then.


Would be a lot more educational if you included all other planets and their locations. Nevertheless, its certainly got potential.

Its all right as a...

Screen saver. Just leave it while you charge your iPod. Its pretty cool. The earths grafics should be as good as the suns. Its a nice little app to have.

Nice App

This app is nice although a view of other planets would be nice and also maybe the GPS locations of iPhones on the globe (like Folding@Home on PS3 where each active PS3 has a dot on the globe.

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