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Earth3D app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 2848 ratings )
Developer: SOLILAB
Current version: 2.207, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 03 Aug 2008
App size: 22.41 Mb

Its just a simple 3D Animation of the Earth with the Moon and the Sun.

Look how she is beautiful, then try to preserve it a maximum!

You can rotate around the Earth by dragging with one finger and zoom with two fingers.

Pros and cons of Earth3D app for iPhone and iPad

Earth3D app good for

Very cool little app , seems like a great foundation for a larger game perhaps? You CAN stop the camera movement. Just tap with two fingers! Found it by accident and took a while to figure out how it happened. ;)
It makes a fantastic quick reference tool for the global caller. See where the sun is or isnt at any given time.
Screen saver. Just leave it while you charge your iPod. Its pretty cool. The earths grafics should be as good as the suns. Its a nice little app to have.
This app is nice although a view of other planets would be nice and also maybe the GPS locations of iPhones on the globe (like Folding@Home on PS3 where each active PS3 has a dot on the globe.
Nice app, wish it was in realtime and have the option to change time by spinnig earth
Here are some suggestions: -It should show facts about the solar system including Earth -It should show timezones -It should show when Earth is expected to turn -Games To make this app more interesting:

Some bad moments

Please mention that it contains a rather annoying ad. The screenshots in the app store dont show the ad.
This app is headed in the right direction. Keep working on it with more features. I will reinstall it then.
Would be a lot more educational if you included all other planets and their locations. Nevertheless, its certainly got potential.
There is no point to this app its just watching the world and the moon and sun, on the other hand if there was a display of the whole solar system it may of been better. I recomend google earth. This program is good for science and looking at the earth but its not my type of app.
Great app viewing our planet. Actually feels like youre in space. BUT the ads ruin it!!
The app should do more than that ! It get bored after 10 seconds .